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If it doesn't fit, you'll find it here: Crazy abstracts, photos from competitions, digital art and such.

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Like many, I enjoy sharing my photographs from my travels. My goal is to discover the intricacies of other cultures and the beauty of landscapes from the places I have traveled.

My passion for photography grew out of a love for the underwater creatures. Here you will find photographs of marine life as well as human interaction with the sea.

I am a school teacher by profession which funds my hobby of diving and photography..

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If you see something in this site that you would like, whether it's for an illustration, commercial use or just a print for your wall, contact me using the form below and we'll work something out. I'm just a hobbyist, but I'm thrilled to share my work.



Pretty views abound, from sunsets, to mountain vista to flat prairies to underwater scenes. 

As a teenager I dabbled in photography on my old Minolta SLR. A few years ago I took up scuba diving and rediscovered my love of photography underwater. That has spilled over into other types of photography. These pages show some of my photos and will, in time, showcase other projects.

If you are interested in using my photos for any reason, whether it be to print, or advertising, or illustration, or whatever, please feel free to contact me.  We'll work something out. :)